MADE IN THE U.S.A. Patent No.: US 8,652,238B2.  TRAVEL-AIR air scoop is designed to provide some heat relief for the rear cylinder and the riders of V-twin air-cooled engines. This air scoop is for the big V-twin air-cooled Harleys with the football-shaped air cleaners. Most heat is generated at the exhaust valve and exhaust pipe area, and the rear cylinder and rider’s leg NEVER EVER gets a break or a ... BLAST OF FRESH AIR ... UNTIL NOW!!  It takes about 60 seconds to install: remove the air cleaner mounting screw (make sure you keep the air cleaner cover in place), then using the allen wrench, put the screw in the mounting hole of the scoop and install the screw in the air filter assembly and tighten it, making sure the scoop is centered. Please note, anything that restricts or blocks air flow to the scoop will affect it's performance.

As the motorcycle travels, air will be directed onto the rear cylinder. The faster the motorcycle goes, the more air flows onto the cylinder head and exhaust pipe area right below the rider’s leg. The scoop is a very tough polycarbonate (LUPOY PC 1303EP-22); it has (UV) protection and it's crystal clear so you can see the chrome air cleaner cover, or you can customize it to your own taste..The black one has been spray painted from the inside with (Rustoleum paint), it's a blank canvas, so be "creative"!  To some it actually enhances the rich look of the motorcycle, or you might not notice the scoop is on the bike. Removing the scoop will take another 60 seconds, but once you get used to it, you will MISS IT if you aren't using it.  So if you're just cruising or going across country, don't take your next trip without one. We hope you and your rear cylinder will have a cooler more enjoyable ride. Thanks for shopping with us and STAY SAFE.

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